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The 1986 Buick Century LE Memorial, a.k.a. "The Beast"

Music by Jimmy Buffett - "Grapefruit, Juicyfruit"
Yes, 'The Beast' is dying or at least going! The car that had lasted for 14 years is now being traded in for a new vehicle. The Beast, passed down from parents to child, in its lifetime had traveled over 200,000 miles, had the engine, transmission, fuel lines, fuel tank, alternator, radiator, muffler, exhaust manifold, and so much more replaced. Although still running, it is being traded in and replaced with a 2000 GMC Jimmy SLE purchased in September at Alden Buick in Fairhaven, MA.

Things we will miss or maybe not...?

  • Long rides without any destination.
  • Loud or soft music of all varieties from early 50s to the 80s, and Dave Matthews Band in the 1990s.
  • Trips to the Renaissance Gallery and Hardware Cafe with Two Fat Guys & A Portugee.
  • Smashing into a guard-rail at 15 MPH in early morning....oh't miss that!
  • AM / FM car radio that tends to fade out to some country station.
  • Large clouds of black smoke blinding drivers behind the Beast, including one very easy-going, nice policeman in Dartmouth, MA near UMASS Dartmouth.
  • Hot Tire rims you can fry eggs on.
  • That bubble in the back wheel....???
  • Necker Hunting...Ask Cunha!
  • Driving up to people smoking and telling them that it is bad for their health and driving next to them is producing second-hand-smoke for the passengers of the BEAST!
  • Wendy's Late Night Drive-Thru
  • Stalling in Bank Drive-Thru Line or Stalling at various times (usually not the best times to stall)
  • Finally getting that homemade sunroof open (Mr. Sunroof - right next to Mr. Coffee and Mr. Radar).
  • The Buffett Mobile - playing Jimmy Buffett with University of Margaritaville decal on back window.
  • Trips to Snip in the Beast
  • Not driving to Snip on the Snip Infiltration Night! No $75 fines for me!
  • Drives with Molly sticking her head out the window drooling. Good Lil' Girl!
  • And a bunch of other things...

    The BEAST will forever be remembered.