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Fairhaven, MA

    Welcome to the Fairhaven, MA section of The Contaiminated Web!

    Fairhaven, Massachusetts is located in the Northeast United States. It is a small, active town. With the construction of a brand new multi-million dollar high school, the town has been crazy. Various places, parks, etc. are being dug up and having fields installed in them for the sports of FHS (Fairhaven High School). At almost $20,000,000 dollars, the school is very technologically advanced.

    Although, the high school is very modernized now, the rest of the town is somewhat old! Henry Huttleston Rogers, a very prestigious, infamous man created many of the old structures in Fairhaven. Although, his demise was a time ago, his buildings still stand. Millicent Library, George H. Taber Masonic Lodge, Fairhaven High School, Rogers School, and many other places were constructed by him and are still standing.

    As peaceful and small as the town may be, the active community factor is extremely high. Many groups, clubs, etc. are in abundance in Fairhaven! Three Boy Scouts of America troops, sport teams, and The Council of Aging are just some of the active groups in Fairhaven.

    Besides the community and structures in Fairhaven, there are many beautiful areas in Fairhaven. We have a beach called Fort Phoenix. It was a battle site a long time ago. The cannons and armory are still there for display along with many plaques and monuments. There is a beautiful beach where you can find people fishing, swimming, and sun bathing. Many people ride bikes, rollerblade, sled, walk, run, fly kites, and many other fun things in the large area. There is a big field to use, bathing rooms with showers (in summer only), a playground for younger kids, many rocks/large hills, a long Hurrican Barrier / Dike to do many things on, and parking lots for viewing pleasure.

In the future, I will be getting some pictures of various places in Fairhaven. Come visit again in a few months.

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